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Which Union Member Are You?

Some members keep their union strong, while other join and just belong.

Some dig right in – some serve with pride,

Some go along just for the ride.

Some volunteer to do their share, while some lie back and just don’t care.

On meeting day some always show, while there are those who never go.

Some do their best, some build, some make, some never give, but always take.

Some lag behind, some let things go, some never help their Union grow.

Some drag, some pull, some don’t, some do, consider –

Which of these are you?

Selection Procedures



(1)        All persons desiring to enter the Operating Engineers Joint Apprenticeship Program will be required to complete the Operating Engineer Apprenticeship Application form at the office designated by theCommittee. The application forms will be numbered and recorded in a ledger.

 (2)        Each applicant will be provided with a copy of the Apprenticeship and Training Standards, the Selection Procedures and the apprenticeship rules.

 (3)        At the time of application, proof that the applicant is over 17 years of age must be presented. (Applicants must be 18 years old to begin the program.)

 In order to be eligible to enter the apprenticeship program the applicant must agree to attend the pre-apprenticeship classes when scheduled and pass the written portion of the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test, i.e. obtain a CDL permit, prior to starting pre-apprenticeship class.  At the start of pre-apprenticeship, the applicant must also present a valid driver’s license and his/her high school diploma or G.E.D., pass a drug test, pass a written entrance assessment, pay the required registration fee, and present a statement from a doctor indicating the applicant is physically capable of performing the duties of an operating engineer (this statement will be placed in the file).

Pre-apprenticeship training will be offered to all persons interested in entering the Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Program.  Pre-apprenticeship classes will be conducted for five consecutive days, as scheduled by the committee, and participants will not be paid during this week.

 (4)        Persons who satisfactorily complete all entrance requirements, including the week of pre-apprenticeship training, will be placed on a list of eligible applicants in the file in numerical order.  When new classes are to be formed or additional apprentices are needed, the lowest numbered application will be pulled and the applicant notified.  If a contractor calls for a minority or female apprentice to meet affirmative action goals, or to comply with government regulations, the lowest numbered minority or female application will be pulled and the applicant entered into the program.

(5)        Approximately twice a year a form will be mailed to each applicant whose application has been on file to determine whether they are still interested.  Those who reply will remain in the active file.  The files of those who do not reply, or those who reply indicating they are no longer interested, will be placed in the inactive position.  Files placed inactive will remain there five years unless reactivated.  Files that have been in the inactive position for at least five years will then be destroyed.

 (6)        If an applicant wishes to be reconsidered after being placed inactive, the applicant must re-apply by filling out a new application form and meet all the normal requirements in effect at that time.

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May 28, 2020
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